Why The Lion MUST Lay With The Lamb

I’d like to share with you one of the many strange rituals I participate in when I’m feeling confused, ungrounded, lost… or just in need of mental / spiritual clarity.

If you’ve been watching my videos long enough, you understand what I mean when I say “Your Mind IS Your Body.” 

It has been my experience that through deep breathing and exercise, specifically exercises that elicit spontaneous movement in the body, we might be able to transcend the limitations of the ego and reach deep into our unconscious where there may be valuable pearls of wisdom laying for us to discover.

It has been through my practice of various forms of “body meditation” that I’ve come into contact with a powerful, non-linear intelligence that I believe guides my steps, weather I acknowledge it – or not. 

These meditations, which include Bioenergetics and Yoga, remove the barrier of ego by helping the consciously-controlled striated muscular system to move into deep relaxation, while allowing the spontaneous activity of the visceral system (or autonomic nervous system) to move into my conscious awareness.

I have learned to trust that the spontaneous symbols or words that come to my attention while I’m in deep muscular relaxation arise from this powerful unconscious intelligence.

When you watch my videos, especially the ones on my Elliott Hulse channel, often times you are watching the movement of this intelligence trough me.

Because I meditate before making the videos, and I focus on deep breathing before, during (you’ll notice I stop and open my mouth to let out a big sigh every so often) and in between making videos, “I” Elliott Hulse, my ego, has been dropped and whatever comes out of my mouth I can not take full credit for.  (Although this is not always the case, its what I strive for in most cases)

Of course, the things that proceed from my mouth are influenced by my experiences, circumstances and physical features… just like the size, shape and condition of a flute influence the music that the musician makes though it.  But the flute makes its music only by the skill, creativity and intelligence of the musician.

The musician breathes into (or inspires) the flute which brings music, in the same way that God inspires (or breathes into) us to make music, the music of our lives.

The point of my sharing this with you is not to prove anything or convince you to follow my ways.  I share this only so that you might gain some insight as to how I make choices and navigate my life.  All of the most important decisions I’ve made over the past 10 years have come by the processes which put me into closer contact with the language of my heart, my gut and The Holy Spirit.

I trust my feelings because I am deeply in touch with them.

I also trust the linear powers of my logic and analytical skills in recognizing patterns and deciphering symbols.  Often I will get a feeling about a thing, then I use my analysis of a symbol or pattern to help me understand what I was feeling.  For me, this has been a winning approach.

If I can make sense of what I am feeling, then I am satisfied and I simply move on.

If I can not make sense of a thing, I will attempt to go into deeper meditation and look for words or symbols that my unconscious intelligence wants me to receive.

And THAT is how this picture, from a set of tarot cards, made it’s way into my consciousness last week.

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 11.14.05 AM

Although it may come as a shock to some of you, Elliott Hulse is NOT always “above it all.”

My ego (or exterior), can be fragile, just like anyone else’s.  There are times when my exterior is attacked and it pierces straight though to my heart, like a sword through a chest plate.

When a blind sighted ego-attack touches me deeply I have stop and ask myself, “What am I not seeing clearly about this situation?” or “What is the deeper pain that is being stimulated by this attack?”.

Like I’ve said in some of my videos… “when someone attacks you, it is best to take responsibility and ask yourself how you might be creating this.”

So, without going into details… late last week I received a blow that penetrated into my heart.

My heart felt broken.

An attack that does not penetrate deep to the heart can be easily brushed off or logically explained away.  But an attack that you FEEL IN YOUR BODY reaches the deep non-linear intelligence of your visceral system as I described above.

When a feeling is visceral (in your organs and peripheral nervous system), it is SERIOUS.  Not because of the content of the attack or circumstances, but because anything that touches you that deeply has the capacity to change your mood and ultimately your character.  A broken heart will show up in your body, on your face, and be reflected back through the faces in your environment.

Feeling are serious, and should be recognized for their alchemical powers.  Always consider the deep psychological and spiritual implications of your feelings. 

Again, DO NOT become entangled with the circumstances which created the feeling (ie. someone yells at you).  Instead, go deep and try to discover why YOU have chosen to feel this way.  The feeling belongs to YOU, so don’t blame anyone else.  And be sure to explore yourself, as objectively as possible, before offering a counter attack or defending yourself in any way (unless there is a gun to your head, then fuck him up!).

In exploring my broken heart last week the symbol of a lion shackled to sheep came to mind.  I’ve seen this picture before and it seemed to explain what I was feeling, so I went looking for it.

Now that I had something that symbolized my feelings I needed to “go deep” and discover the roots of my pain.

On the surface I felt like a lion, a powerful king who happened to be laying with a herd of soft, weak, cowardly, lamb who’ve provoked me.  On the surface, I knew that a counter-attack upon the sheep I’m bound to would be a murderous bloodbath.  I have the strength and the hunger to devour them all, and leave the meat I did not eat rot for the parasites and lay prey for the hyenas!

But again, this was all on the surface.  My instant reaction is too ego centered.  Just because you can devour the herd, doesn’t mean you should.  In fact, I am going to show you why THE LION NEEDS THE LAMBS.

So, with this symbol in hand I did two things.

First, I wanted to get you (my viewers / readers) involved.  I wanted to see what kind of insights I might receive back from the “mirror of my external world”.  I put it out there to see what you might show me.

Then, I went into an hour long dynamic meditation where I shook my body and danced for over 40 minutes, followed by a 20 minute silent pause and deep relaxation.

As expected, I gained powerfully vivid insights into the realities of life… my life.

My mind took me though a series of physical polar opposites, such as condensation (rain) and evaporation; inhalation and exhalation; and the systole & diastole pressures of the heart.

I began to experience the feeling of gratitude that comes with exhalation after a long inhalation, or holding of the breath.

I began to feel the reality that although they may appear to be complete opposites, The Lion and The Lamb are a UNITY just like crest and trough of a frequency wave.

About midway though my meditative dance I yelled out with joy, “The Lion Shall Lay With The Lamb”.  I continued to say this mantra out loud while continuing my joyful dance of reconciliation.


Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 12.38.00 PM

The implications of such a statement go far beyond the image of a fierce lion laying with a flock of mild lambs.  It goes even further than the polar temperaments of a strong and powerful lion and the weak and mild sheep.

This statement dives deep into the heart of a PRINCIPLE for living a successful life.

Because in this case I am the lion (there are cases where I am the sheep also, not this time though), I am going to proceed with insights gained in order that they might help the lion better cope with his INEVITABLE circumstances.

1. I say “inevitable circumstances” because the lion will ALWAYS have to confront the lamb.  They are as inseparable as night from day, or up from down.  The coin is always two sided, and there is a spot for the lamb just as much as there is a spot for the lion.

2. The lion might choose to destroy the flock due to an infraction by a rogue clique within, but then he looses the majority who mean him no harm.  He will also cause fear and confusion amongst the surviving lamb, and in their fear they may choose to pasture elsewhere leaving him without balance.

3. If the lion thinks himself “too strong” to be concerned with the opinions or going-ons of the lamb he may choose to ignore them completely.  To ignore them is to check out of the relationship which in some cases might create imbalance.  The lion requires the sacrificial lamb for his nourishment.

And although they might be ignorant of the fact, the sheep also need the lion for his example of strength, honor, dignity and for their protection against more sinister creatures.  In fact, the lamb can become so brash and arrogant that he forgets how the lion has protected him and begins to think of himself as a lion.

I believe that this example is the most hurtful to the lion’s heart, especially if he is not aware enough to rise above the details and circumstances.

4. The lion must ALWAYS initiate.  He must take the lead.  This is not a judgment against the lamb, or in favor of the lion’s power, it’s just a statement of reality.  The lion moves first, the lamb follows the lead.  If you know yourself to be a lion, you have no choice but to take decisive action.

Often when you take action, the lamb will defend himself with lies, or simply run and hide.  But that is what lambs do, they have a responsibility to protect themselves also.  The lion must recognize that this is simply the character of the lamb, to expect something else is like expecting the sun to appear at midnight.

5. Learn to appreciate the lamb.  Although they may feel like a heavy burden to carry, they are an intricate part of what makes you a lion.  Without the sacrifice of the lambs life, the lion would die of starvation.  Even if they can not receive it, due to an overly inflated ego which creates blind spots and blockages in their character, offer them your gratitude.

Remember, it is NEVER about the other person or the circumstances.  The moment comes into it’s full power when you take full responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and actions.

And finally, when I posed the picture above to my Instagram account I told you that I’d be awarding a prize to the person with the best caption.  Here is the one I chose:

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 12.37.49 PM

“Become Friends With Your Food”

As soon as I read this line, I felt it in my body!  So, it was right.

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Use “The Halo Effect” For Greater Influence, Better Relationships & An Amazing Life

By Ryan Magin
Creator Of: 51 Handsome Guy Secrets

What if I told you right now someone is judging you.

What if I told you right now how you look is effecting things like:

• How much money you are currently making.
• How much your friends trust you.
• How attractive you appear to women.


Let that sink in for a bit.

I Want To Let You In On A Little Secret…

A secret so powerful that massive advertising agencies are using it to manipulate you right this very moment…

Curious as to what it is…

It’s called The Halo Effect.

According to Wikipedia…

The halo effect is a cognitive bias in which an observer’s overall impression of a person influences the observer’s feelings and thoughts about that person’s character.

The Halo Effect was first named by psychologist Edward Thorndike in reference to a person being perceived as having a halo.

It was later made popular In the book “Influence”, written by the great Robert Cialdini.

Inside the book he references a few different scientific studies that were based on the facts…

Being more attractive will do things like:

  • Get you a larger starting salary.
  • Make yo appear more honest and trustworthy
  • Allow you to sell more stuff.
  • Date better looking women.

In a study done by Eagly, Ashmore, Mahkijani & Longo in 1991 states…

That unconsciously we often assume that good looking individuals are more polite, honest, and intelligent.

This just goes to show you how much first impressions and how you look play in how people perceive you.

This is ten fold when comes to females and attraction.

It is no mistake that women assume that handsome more attractive men…

  • Make more money
  • Have their pick of the women and..
  • Have higher levels of social status

This all happens before you open your mouth, btw.

Have I piqued your interest yet?

Lets Take A look At How Business’s Use The Halo Effect To Manipulate You…

Ever heard of the company Abercrombie And Fitch?

Perhaps maybe you have noticed that all of their advertising shows men with ripped six packs and a near perfect Adonis Index.

This is not by accident.

Abercrombie and Fitch even goes as far as to hire only attractive looking employees.

This way customers in their stores associate the perceived positive characteristics of attractive people with the company.

Make no mistake..

Studies show that men and women like looking at attractive people.

…and if you just so happen to be blessed with the looks of Brad Pitt you are almost guaranteed to make 20% more money over the course of your career then your average person.

So yeah…

It definitely pays to make yourself good looking.

Check This Out…

Unconscious Judging of an Investment Broker Because Of Halo Effect.


In a study conducted in the year 2007 a Princeton university professor showed participants 2 pictures of the same man.

One Picture showed a suited man with a highly regarded degree from Cornell University.

The other…

A man dressed in casual clothing with a degree from a small local college.

The professor then asked the participants which man they would trust to invest their hard earned $1,000.

The participants rated the man in suit as more competent.

He got $535.00 on average without having a back ground check.

Our casual dressed guy…

He only mustered up $352.00.

The difference?

Because of the Halo Effect at work the participants saw the well dressed guy in the suit as more intelligent and trustworthy.

This all happened with out any type of verification on his credentials.

In all essence the only visual difference between the 2 investment bankers was one guy was dressed sharp and handsome, the other…

Casual and sloppy.

Starting to see the importance yet?

How Your Body Language Enhances Your Halo Effect.

I found this short but eye opening Youtube Video About The Science Of Attraction.

It confirms that many things influence the judgements we make that we are usually not even aware of.

(Watch This Video Next)

3 Ways To Dramatically Enhance Your Halo Effect.

1) Strength Training

Yup since you are reading Elliott Hulse’s blog then you are no stranger to the importance of getting yourself healthy and in shape.

To really enhance the Halo Effect you need a certain type of training though.

Your training should mainly focus on the improvement of enhancing your Adonis Index.

Your Adonis Index is training that focus’s on making your body the most visually appealing as possible.

This type of training includes a larger focus on your upper body…

Specifically your upper chest, back, shoulders, and arms.

You want to focus on creating a solid V-Taper.

This will give you a commanding Physique and one that ultimately will look very good in your clothes…

2) Keep Yourself Well Groomed

This is a simple one.

Try always stay well shaved and regularly get your hair cut every 3 weeks.

This simple step projects cleanliness and neatness without you ever saying a word.

Trust me on this…

The first thing women notice when meeting a man is not his shoes.

She looks at your face.

She then looks at your hair.

Then how you are dressed.

And finally..

If you are in shape.

That brings us to…

3) Always Be Well Dressed.

Ever heard the expression the clothes make the man?

Or how about…

Dress for the job you want, not the one you currently have?

Make no mistake.

There is a reason guys like Donald Trump only wear suits and ties.

There is a reason when Hollywood celebrities walk the red carpet they are usually wearing a perfect fitting suit.

The Clothes you wear and how you wear them speak volumes about yourself.

Take for example this quote from the great Ralph Waldo Emerson…

“Who you are speaks so loudly I can’t hear what you’re saying.”

Think about that for a second….?

What Are Your Current Clothes Saying About Your Personality?

Do your clothes say..

I am a guy who just oozes self confidence and have an electric personality?

Do they say…

I am a strong confident man who puts in my time in the gym so that I look awesome in this outfit?

Do they say…

I have tons of high profile wealthy friends and a social calendar that is constantly booked?

Here are few good things that happen once you start dressing well.

1) You will make more money.

Yes it is proven that a well dressed man makes on average 15% higher salary then a sloppy dressed counterpart.

Break that down…

So if you are currently making 50k a year now…

If you start dressing well that is like getting an instant $7,500 a year pay raise.

How does this happen?

When your boss thinks about someone to give the next promotion too…

The first person that will come to mind is the one that shows leadership qualities.

You know what being well dressed says about you?

I am not afraid to lead.

2) Women Will Be More attracted to You.

Yes I am about to shatter that stupid ass stereo type that you are gay if you are a man and like to dress well.

Ever notice how most gay men always have highly attractive females surrounding them at all times?

Make no mistake.

Women care what other people think about them.

By having a well dressed man around it makes the social value increase.

By knowing how to dress women will automatically assume a few things before you even open your mouth…

things like…

  • He must make a lot of money
  • He must have wealthy friends
  • He must be very successful

All of these are snap judgements that unconsciously she is making.

How is that for the Halo Effect at work.

And finally…

3) You will Have a Higher Value Social Circle


Just like women assume you make more money because of how you are dressed…

The same goes for guys.

Here is a personal example of how this works.

When I go out to a club, or bar a few things have happened without me doing anything.

I am often let in thru the VIP line and don’t have to wait to get inside.

I am often served first out all my friends and often everyone around me.

I have even been comped a free bottle or 2 for me and my friends.

Is this because I am some wildly known celebrity?


Not at all.

All of this is because I give a shit about my appearance.

And when it comes to hooking people up at bars and clubs.

They don’t hook up unattractive people.

The only reason things like this happen is because of the Halo Effect.

They assume without me saying anything…

That I will spend more money because of how I am dressed.

Because in their minds…

Only wealthy people dress well.

These are snap based judgements that are happening because of my appearance.

So ask yourself…

What Is Your Appearance Saying About You?

I can only assume by now you can see the importance of being a well dressed guy.

But I want to help you some more…

Since Elliott is a really good friend of mine I have prepared another FREE video for you.

Inside the video you will learn:

  • A quick to implement 10 dollar tip that will make you appear 10lbs more muscular
  • The 1 type of clothing that actually repels women (seriously never wear this)

So when you are ready…

[Watch This Video Next] How To Hack The Halo Effect 3 Tips To Instantly Look More attractive

Check Out The Halo Effect Working For Elliott Hulse.

Last Saturday night myself, Elliott, and a few friends attended a wedding.

I helped Elliott put together a nice well fitting suit for the occasion.

Here is a pic of Elliott with Legendary Bodybuilder Hugo Rivera.

Just look at some of the Facebook comments about how good Elliott looks in his suit.


Want To Instantly Enhance Your Halo Effect?

==> [Watch This Free Video] 3 Tips To Instantly Make You More Attractive <==

About The Author:

Ryan Magin is the creator of 51 Handsome Guy Secrets. A mens style product designed to help guys like you, attract better looking women, make more money thru the clothes they wear.

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Camo Tank Top Winners!

Hey, I’m just wrapping up a super empowering weekend here at Strength Camp.

I got so caught up in the awesomeness that I forgot to release this blog post featuring the winners of my Strength Camp Camo Tank Top contest.

Before I announce the winners, here is a pic from this weekend (I’ll be uploading the rest to my Facebook Fan Page later today)

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 7.28.26 AM


Below is an awesome pic with our friend at 1419m on Jonshornet in Norway!  Growing Stronger is a process of climbing the summits of inner and outer strength, this is a perfect depiction!

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 7.35.15 AM

This cool dude is rocking the Strength Camp Camo while helping these orphans Grow Stronger in Uganda. He knows that becoming the strongest version of ourselves is only 1/2 of the mission, the mission is accomplished when we focus on EMPOWERING our brothers and sisters.

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 7.35.30 AM


Finally, nothing stimulates the imagination and brings hope to our brothers and sisters like seeing one of our own succeed!  Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal, and our buddy in the picture below is the embodiment of it!

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 7.35.49 AM


Thanks to everyone who participated in this contest.

I’ve contacted the dudes above and will be sending an awesome gift box containing a few of my favorite books for Growing Stronger their way.

Finally, thanks to all of you who took advantage of the Strength Camp Camo Tank Top sale last week.

The limited amount of shirts sold out in less than 24 hours! But have no fear, we’ll be opening up the sale again in a few weeks.

If you want to guarantee your Strength Camp Camo, you’ll definitely want to CLICK HERE to get on the early bird’s mailing list.

Keep Growing Stronger,

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Strength Camp Camo Contest

After years of requests, last July I decided to make the Strength Camp camo tank tops that you see me wearing in the majority of my videos available for purchase.


The camo tank tops were custom created, and only available though a single manufacturer.  Of course there are others who make similar shirts, but I wanted my people to have the SAME EXACT shirts I wear… no imitations!

As a result of our limited product options, poor communication with printers, and a fulfillment center that couldn’t… fulfill; the entire project was a mess.  There were massive delays, and many people had to wait months before receiving their shirts.

The bottom line is…. I messed up!

I wanted to offer the best to my customers, but my efforts fell short.

Now, if you’re one of the dozens of people who ask me “Elliott, why can’t I buy a Strength Camp camo tank top RIGHT NOW?” on a daily basis, its because I’ve been working on perfecting our systems of production and distribution before putting them on sale again.

I forgive myself (and hopefully you can too) for making a mistake… ONCE.

With that being said, the Strength Camp camo tank tops will be on sale again next week; which is still a few days away, so hang tight!

In the meantime, I would like to offer a gift to those who exercised patience with me during our delayed fulfillment of the first batch of shirts last July.


As promised, we are holding a contest for the best pictures featuring you wearing your Strength Camp camo tank top.

Send me a picture of you wearing the shirt at a historical landmark, with a Hollywood celebrity, professional athlete, skydiving, hitting a massive PR, doing something funny, cool editing or graphics, ANYTHING! — It just has to be awesome :)


You know how much I value reading books that help you grow stronger, in mind and body.

I am going to choose three winners.  Each will receive a box containing five of my favorite books for becoming The Strongest Version Of Yourself.

Since I love giving surprises, I’ll likely add a bunch of other cool things to the package as well.  You’ll explode with joy when you open your package!


1. You’ll need an Instagram account, if you don’t have one yet, you can set it up here.

2. Upload your picture to Instagram with the hashtags #strengthcampcamo in the description.

3. Be sure to upload your picture before the deadline date MONDAY JUNE 2st.

4. Winners will be announced on FRIDAY JUNE 6th.

…and, that’s it.

Hey, if you’re reading this and your one of the folks who DO NOT have a Strength Camp camo yet, don’t worry.  Like I said, they will be available again NEXT WEEK, and we WILL be holding more contests like this in the future.  But make sure you grab a shirt when they’re on sale, since we’re only releasing a limited amount.

I’m looking forward to your awesome pictures!

Keep Growing Stronger,
Elliott Hulse





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