Strength Training & Fitness

7 Strategies For A Stronger Nervous System – Double the “Fire Power” of your nervous system. Maximize Strength and Intelligence.  These 7 strategies will increase the power and purity of your body’s more potent from of bio-energy.

Anabolic Advantage – Get ripped, strong and more attractive by maximizing sex energy production.

Grow Stronger Method – This is the bare-bones framework upon which I build all strength and and muscle building programs. This simple system requires no complicated math equations, all you need is a single barbell set and a chin up bar. Get ready to build a stronger, more athletic physique from the ground up!

Iron Cross Gymnastics Workouts – Gymnastics strength is by far the best and most functional means for developing a solid foundation of core strength and neuromuscular power.  These workouts take you through all the steps towards becoming proficient at using the most potent gymnastics exercises and methods.

Lean Hybrid MuscleDiscover the “World’s Fastest Way To Burn Fat & Build Muscle”!  If you’re ready to gain muscle and lose fat… quickly and easily… even when you’ve tried everything else and failed… keep reading because we’ll show you how to get a lean, muscular, attractive body that you feel good about!

Hard Core Hybrid Strongman – This kit includes a 4-Week Strongman Training Template for Sports & Fitness applications. Or you can use these workouts with LHM Reloaded by choosing one of these full body max-effort conditioning workouts and performing it once per week.

Aggressive Strength Workouts – This kit includes 10 bad ass, gym based Aggressive Strength Complexes + 3 Bonus Hard Core Complexes which include strongman equipment and odd objects (for my warehouse gym rats). When you plug these complexes into your current workouts you will EXPLODE your muscle, strength and power potential beyond belief!

14 Day Hybrid Mass - Put aside your ideas of conventional eating and training and dare to go with me on a bold journey to startling increases in both muscle mass and strength with very little fat accumulation.

Advanced Strength Training

Advanced Neuromuscular Strength – Home Study Course.  Help Your Clients, Build Your Business And Grow Stronger, With Advanced Knowledge In Applied Exercise Science.

Advanced Physiological Strength – Home Study Course. Discover And Maximize The Physiological Factors That Increase Anabolic Hormone Production, Improves Nutrient Absorption and Increases Sexual Vitality.

Sports Training

Gridiron Domination Football Training System – If you are serious about starting a Strength & Speed Training Culture in your program, My Gridiron Strongman System is packed with information you cannot afford to be without. Gridiron Strongman System is a step-by-step course that incorporates all of the proven weight-training, muscle building, strongman, nutritional and planning techniques I have used to build incredible athletes quickly.

Superior Speed System – How to sprint faster! Even if you have flat feet and slow genetics. Discover the 3 Step Scientific Speed Method that makes even the most awkward stand taller, stride longer and sprint like he has springs in his feet!

The Business Of Strength

No B.S Marketing Strategies For Strength CoachesVeteran warehouse gym owners Elliott Hulse and Zach Even-Esh unveil their most jealously guarded business and marketing secrets that allowed them each to build successful warehouse gym business and earn combined $1,000,000 combined.

Warehouse Gym Business Plan – This step-by-step system allows to you open your own 6 Figure “warehouse” strength and conditioning business with little or no business knowledge.  This is exactly how I turned my warehouse into a $10,000 per month money machine… all while doing what I love most, training athletes!

Recommended Resources

Recommended Reading -I love reading.  I read almost every strength training and muscle building book or program that hits the market.  The problem is that about 85% of them are CRAP… that’s why I’ve narrowed down the best strength, fitness and success books (in my opinion) here for you to get.  Enjoy!